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August 2011.

I wanted to show some shots of Kakadu, but photos just don’t do it justice, here are a couple anyway.

110804-ubirr-walk-040.jpg Enlarge. Cave Rock art.

110804-ubirr-walk-099.jpg Enlarge. On top of the Ubirr Hill.

May 15th 2011.

These are a couple of shots of Edith Falls, please ignore the shot with different exposure.

edith-falls-pan_1b.JPG Enlarge.

edith-falls-pan_2b.JPG Enlarge.

April 2011.

These are a few shots of Kings Canyon. I took several shots and created some landscapes, I hope they give an idea of the size of the place. See if you can pick the people on the edges of the canyon.

kings_2_b.JPG Enlarge.

kings_5_b.JPG Enlarge. kings_6_b.JPG Enlarge.

21 July 2008.

Natures Window at Kalbarri National Park Gorges.

natures-window-01.jpg Enlarge.

June 24th 2008.

A shot of The Pinnacles, Cervantes, WA.

080624-the-pinnacles-016.jpg  Enlarge.

March 14th 2008.

A couple of pictures of the coastline along the Eyre Peninsula.

080314-point-labatt-fur-seals-053.jpg Enlarge.

080312-cummings-lookout-010.jpg Enlarge.

Feb 2008. I have been rather slack lately as I have not been taking many pics, but here is one of a visitor we had, at Adelaide. After he walked past the annexe door he climbed a tree, had a feed and propped on some branches for the next day for a sleep.

080220-koala-002_c.jpg Enlarge.

A couple of shots from our back door at Deloraine.

071123-deloraine-river-001b.JPG Enlarge. 071123-deloraine-river-003b.JPG Enlarge.

This is a shot of the rear of my car after a flying motor-cyclist flew though the air over a vehicle behind me, and into the rear of mine.

070812-003b.JPG Enlarge

A couple of shots of The Rock 2nd April 2007.

This from the nearby township of The Rock.

070402-068.jpg Enlarge

And of us resting on the top.

070402-039.jpg Enlarge

These few shots were taken at Falls Creek National Park, Wallace Hut and srrounds.

070313-042.jpg Enlarge  070313-050.jpg Enlarge

070313-051.jpg Enlarge

Here are a couple of shots of Sawn Rocks, taken near Narrabri in May 2006.

sawn-rocks_01.jpgEnlarge. sawn-rocks_02.jpgEnlarge.

Below are a couple of shots taken at Lakes Entrance Dec 06, on the way to Bairnsdale, and show a large smoke cloud as a result of the local bushfires.

bairnsdale-smoke_1.JPG Enlarge. bairnsdale-smoke_2.JPG Enlarge

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