Memoirs of Ronald Tew, and wife Linda Tew.

Late in the year of 2000 I was given the opportunity to depart from the life of working and decided that this would be the end of the that life for me.

My wife, Linda, and I ,Ronald, decided to adopt a life of ease and nomadic touring of this wonderful country of ours. This is something we have found that a lot of people are already doing, and a lot more would like to, but most aren’t prepared to take the plunge.

We must have had an inkling of what was about to occur, as we had already purchased a caravan and had a little practice using same.

We immediately headed to the mainland and commenced our travels, and have been jotting down words about our travels since. These words have been posted on this web site and can be individually accessed by dates listed on the home page.

Please enjoy reading of our adventures.

We have also created a new page called “Recent Photos” and intend posting some of our recent photos on this page for a short period of time.

There is also a page called ‘TV Reception’, and this is intended to provide TV channel and reception information, Australia wide, for fellow travellers. This page contains several downloadable documents that I intend to update each month, or so, with information as I obtain it from other web sites.

Linda and I would appreciate any comments you might like to share about this web site and, or, its contents.


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Ronald & Linda Tew, All over the countryside