Morayfield 2022, April week 4.

Monday 25th of April 2022 (Anzac Day), Morayfield.

It’s only been a month this time. We have just had a visit from Narrelle, Matt and the kids for a very enjoyable week. This was Matt’s first visit to this house, and he seemed satisfied, the only thing I heard him mention was that is a little smaller than he imagined. It is amazing what they can do with photographs when advertising something. I do believe they were happy with the location as it is reasonably centrally situated to most things around the area. It is now hopeful that they, including Matt, will visit more often. We managed to cut down several of the largest palm trees while he was here, I wouldn’t do it on my own as one had to make the first cut from atop a ladder, and I am too old for that.

The Men’s Shed is progressing, but with shed 3 being put back another month, it should be built soon though. We have a special meeting on Thursday this week as there has been a proposal put forward to the committee nominating several of our members for ‘life membership’, yours truly included. As the five nominations are current committee members it was decided to put it to the general membership for approval to remove the possible thoughts that we are self gratifying. I would be honoured to receive this award in appreciation for the work done for the shed. Three of the five are foundation members, still active in the shed, and will be alongside another foundation member given the award last year.

The Communications Museum has had a few hiccups lately with the treasurer in Melbourne not on the job anymore. I am not completely sure why he left, so I will leave it there. Now Melbourne is arranging the task to be outsourced to a contractor, so our finances are not running properly at the moment. For explanation, in short form, we and Sydney Museum receive funding from Melbourne to run the museum, and whatever donations we receive are paid back to them. All is supposed to return to somewhat normal this week, we will see.

Men’s Shed Newsletter Number 43.