Morayfield 2022, March week 2.

Monday 14th of March 2022, Caboolture.

Another three months has passed, but I do intend keeping up the reports, and I still would hope to do it more often.

COVID has been the biggest influence on our lives, as one would imagine, it has prevented us going to Melbourne for the combined Birthdays of Linda and Narrelle. They are a couple of days apart, 21st and 23rd of February, but are usually celebrated together. We had planned to go to Melbourne for the celebrations because Narrelle and family had problems being able to come up here, but just before we were due to go Callan picked up COVID. After his period of lock-down Alicia picked it up, and would you believe after her lock-down Narrelle got it. After all this there was too much uncertainty with our plans so we had to cancel, more the pity. With all this happening we are well and have, to our knowledge, have not been infected, touch wood.

The other major event that has slowed me down with reporting, well I will use it as an excuse, is the floods we have had in the area of late. We have had a fair bit of rain this year, and just when you think it might be over it started to bucket down. One Friday late in February it started and Linda and I were literally stuck in the house for three days as the rain just poured and poured non stop. We had great puddles outside both our exit doors so would have gotten very wet if we had attempted to venture outside. We were fortunate I guess as the 100 year event affected towns and cities from Gympie above the Sunshine Coast all the way to well South of Sydney, with thousands of households being inundated by the waters that caught everybody by surprise. We were expecting heavy rain, but none thought it would be that bad. I now feel sorry for the thousands of people who will now take months to re-establish themselves either rebuilding or finding elsewhere to move to. Once again I say we were very lucky that the local drainage system coped with the deluge that we received, and we suffered no damage at all, to speak of.

Other than this we are now back to whatever normal can be nowadays, with wondering how bad the war in Russia is going to effect us other than fuel prices.

Men’s Shed Newsletters Number 41 and Number 42.