Morayfield 2021, October week 4.

Sunday 24th October 2021, Morayfield.

Yet another period of nothing written down, it seems as if I am too busy, but nothing is different than usual. I suppose I have been a little busier at the Museum with Don, our President, away for a few weeks and things that are happening like freight deliveries from Melbourne being directed to me rather than the Vice-President. We take it our stride though. I am trying not to be so busy at the men’s shed though with not doing several jobs and deliberately leaving them for somebody else to do, e.g., dish washing, everybody happily makes their coffee or tea and then leaves the teaspoons on the sink for washing. I have been coming along and filling the sink with washing water and washing the spoons ready for the next group, but now that has ceased, yet the spoons seem to get washed sometime. Then we get a surprise busy day one Saturday when our local Bunnings store calls our sizzle man at 8:00am and asks if we could be ready in an hour to do a sausage sizzle at their store because someone cancelled. We do get these calls, it has happened before, because they do know we can do it and are fully prepared for it, we sold the first sausage before 9:30am, and it was quite a profitable day for us.

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