Morayfield 2021, September week 2.

Sunday 12th of September 2021, Morayfield.

A somewhat normal week, or two, since last report, with the exception of what I would have to call one of the worst shopping experiences I have ever had.

I had to send a small package to Melbourne and rather than wrap it I thought I would go to the Post Office and put it in a post bag, and Caboolture Post Office was the choice because of the better results Linda has had from that shop. I will add at this stage that I had partially inserted into my box a list of addresses for the package, one being the ‘TO’ address, one being the ‘FROM’ address, and the other being the ‘RETURN TO’ address with the intention of this list to be inserted into the package for the benefit of the package receiver, and I had another copy in my pocket for my information to address the package. I arrive to find that I had to talk to the teller through a Perspex screen, a mask and with her having a foreign accent, and with all this I found it impossible to hear and understand a word she was saying. She removed her mask only to make her voice more audible, but still not understandable. In the meantime, another teller came to assist and took me to the shelves to select a bag, then upon returning I continued to try to deal with the original teller while the second started to package my box. I noted that the second teller found my address note and commenced to tear it into sections. Asked what she was doing she replied that she was using the notes to address the package, but I had noticed that she was using the ‘RETURN TO’ address as the ‘TO’ address which would have resulted in the package being delivered to Brisbane instead of Melbourne. Now the fun started: – I now found it next to impossible to try to talk to teller number one, I think trying to sell me extra insurance, while trying to explain to teller number two what the notes were for and that I had another copy for the purpose of addressing the package. You would have thought from their response that I was trying to tell them how to do their jobs, and probably was, only then having to literally raise my voice in insistence of what my requirement were, and only then would they stop and listen. Now once everyone calmed down, we were all prepared to discuss the matter, but in the end after leaving the shop I was still wondering if the correct ‘TO’ address was actually placed on the package, but as the package arrive where it was supposed to all ended well.

At this current time with NSW and VIC in lockdown we, QLD, have had yet another scare, but with having been able to track the source of the cases we have so far been relieved of our own lockdown.

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