Morayfield 2021, August week 4.

Sunday22nd of August 2021, Morayfield.

Only been week and I thought of it this week. Apart from COVID and the changes bought around due to it, it has been a usual week. The shed is progressing as usual and as we are now getting quotes on preparatory work for shed 3, I dare say it will not be too far away till we start its construction. The museum is the same with the exception that the boys have relocated an old Keith Switch telephone exchange that has been restored to working order. Being the first telephone exchange installed in Sydney this will only add to the stories within the museum.

Apart from this we are still working on several things around the new house. Linda is concentrating on her plants, except for the palms out front, that seems to be my job. Speaking of which I have been seeking out suitable tools for the cutting of these palms and have come up with what I think suitable. I borrowed a small electric chain saw from the shed and although the blade would have been a good size for getting at the stumps it was too heavy, had to be held two handed, not good for holding fronds out of the way, and I had intended running it off the generator, but the power rating is 2200 watts, and the generator is only 1k. I bought a fold-up hand-held pruning saw which seems rather suitable. I didn’t cut any new/existing palms due to there being some long stumps previously cut off that I could practise with.

We are still very much thinking of the family in Melbourne, in lock-down, and wanting to get up here to visit for a holiday.