Caboolture 2021, May week 1.

Sunday the 2nd of May 2021, Caboolture.

Can you believe that this is the second Sunday in a row that I have been sitting here typing? I am probably looking for an excuse for a rest at the moment though, as we are now a fair way into the house packing ready for the big move next weekend. All that we can think of has been booked, power, NBN, Cleaners and most importantly the removalists.

I am due to book the settlement inspection for Thursday, and hopefully pick up the keys on that day, we then have a couple of things planned for the Friday like move a heap of shelving for the shed, after a check of the shed size on Thursday to make sure they will fit. Power should also be connected on Thursday. We must check on the size of bedroom 3 to see if the double bed will fit in there, and if so, it will be renamed bedroom 2. This will give the kids the larger of the bedrooms to spread out more and give more storage? We may have to be there on Friday anyway as we have an appointment for NBN that day.

Linda is the one that still has some packing to do, which she insists on doing on her own apart from box sealing, so I will be looking at my usual trips to men’s shed and museum this week to give me one final break before the big move.

I still have a job to do on the roof putting aerials back to what is normally standard to make things a little easier for the new tenants. I have made a few rearrangements to suit myself, but now I have lost my nerve and will not climb on the roof to fix it myself. Plus, the last thing I want at the moment is to have a fall and break something bones wise, so I will have to find someone else to do it for me.