Caboolture 2021, April week 4.

Sunday the 25th of April 2021, Caboolture.

I am going to try to allocate late Sunday afternoon for putting down words on this site, maybe every second week or so.

I have a reason for not putting anything down lately as the house buying process has taken a turn. Not long after I wrote the last report Narrelle came up from Melbourne one weekend with the intention of meeting some real estate agents and talk to them about the processes. We picked several open inspections and went looking with this in mind, and would you believe, the day after Narrelle went home she got onto a house in Morayfield. Linda and I went for an inspection the following day and decided on a yes. The current owners accepted Narrelle’s offer before the house actually hit the market, and that is the only way to buy with the market as it is at the moment. The house misses a few nice features we currently have, like the sunroom and its scenery, it also lacks a garage so storage may be a little tight for a while. We are most of the way through the buying process with Settlement Date on the 6th of May. This will give us a week to move in before our current lease expires on the 13th.

Linda and I are totally worn out at present as we have now almost completed the box packing so we are not pressed for time when we get closer to move date.

I am currently relaxing for the rest of the day after another busy one, so more to come later.

While I am at it here is another Men’s Shed Newsletter 032_Newsletter April 2021