Caboolture 2020, August Week 4.

Wednesday 26th August 2020, Caboolture.

Well, I tried to get to this a bit earlier. It is the same as when we were travelling, I don’t seem to do a great deal, but I never seem to have any spare time. Relaxation, especially in the big sunroom in front of the house, which I refer to as our annexe, doesn’t come too difficult these days. I am still rather busy with the men’s shed though, especially when we have had new COVID restriction put in place in SE Queensland, and I have to find out how it will affect us at the shed considering the new rules limit meetings to 10 people. It turns out that because we are running under a COVIDSafe Checklist the changes do not affect us at all. Shed AGM tomorrow, which will be interesting depending how many members we have turn up, as we can only permit about 36 in the lunch room, so if we have any more they will have to sit outside under a gazebo.

Considering I am doing it lately, here is Men’s Shed Newsletter number 25 for August.

Caboolture 2020, August week 1.

Saturday 1st August 2020, Caboolture.

Here we go again with the same excuse for not jotting anything down, but it is hard to use the one that states there was nothing happening. I have actually been quite busy as the rep for the men’s shed in checking the COVID Safe rules so we could re-open.

Anyway, I had a reminder today that there are people still using and reading the web site so I really should put more down more often.

We in Queensland, as you are probable aware, have not been so badly hit with the virus as other states, but back when all was looking good and restrictions were eased somebody had to try to sort out the sometimes ambiguous rules from the health department, especially where men’s sheds were concerned. Sitting at home quite a lot I apparently unknowingly took on this task and have become known at the shed as the one that has done this work. After it had been found out that we, Burpengary and District Men’s Shed, were the only shed in the area to re-open because the others could not make head nor tale of the rules, or it was just simply too hard, but we did manage to re-open with the phasing in of stage two on the 12th June, being able to have twenty attend. We had to run a roster system as there were too many requests, but this only had to last till 10th July, Stage 3, when we were able to allow numbers in excess of which would normally attend. We have had a good turnout since and yes, I have been kept busy. Now that the second wave is causing dramas we will have to wait and see how bad it gets and just follow the rules as they change.

I started doing it so here is another Men’s Shed newsletter, 024_Newsletter July 2020

The Telstra museum is still closed as when the CEO said all Telstra buildings would be closed until at least September he meant it. One of our main concerns is that we have over 100-year-old working artefacts in the museum that are now just sitting there gathering dust and rusting, and we are not allowed in to maintain it. Just another ‘we will just have to wait and see what happens’.

Other than all this, Linda has had a few hiccups with a couple of health problems, but these are now being worked on. They became a problem when we could not get in contact with her specialist to discuss treatment that was not fully working, so we went to our GP and told him our woes, and requested he make some changes to her meds. He did this and then rang the specialist, leaving a quite vocal message as she didn’t answer him either, which did have some desired effects. The specialist rang back in no time and started rearranging appointments for further treatment. In the meantime, her ailment has improved a little, so she is not so bad off for the moment.

We will now see how long it is till next jottings.