Caboolture 2020, March week 4

Tuesday 25 March 2020, Caboolture.

Well, here we are again after a long break. As you may guess by the date, we are in the middle of the Covid-19 fiasco and I now find I have plenty of time to sit down and once again write things down. The year so far has not been far from normal, until a few weeks ago, so not much had changed with the world. Currently the museum I work at is closed, so Wednesdays are now free, and with the risk of Linda and her low immunity system I have decided not to go to the men’s shed unless there is something specific they would require me to undertake. We have stocked up a little, not like the panic buyers, so we do have enough to just sit still and ride it out for a while. We do intend keeping a stock and continue to do our fortnightly shop as usual so we will always have a little extra, so long as we are able.

I wish the best for everybody, and I do hope this does not last too long.