Melbourne 2019, November week four

Tuesday 26th November, Melbourne.

Been in Melbourne almost a full week now and it has been nice to catch up with everybody. Matt and Eva came over from the Philippines, and Tilly came up from Tassie. Matt did have other reasons for coming, but did make it coincide with my Birthday. We all went out for dinner last evening, which turned out to be the only time we could catch up with everybody, and all had a good time. Unfortunately that would be the only time we would see all until goodness knows when. Matt and Eva are supposedly coming back in January, but whether we get to see them or not is anybody’s guess. It will be back home on Thursday and back to normal living.

Caboolture 2019, November week 3.

Saturday 16th November, Caboolture.

It has come to light lately, for various reasons, how much work I do for the museum and the Men’s Shed, as I may soon have to resign some of my functions at either or both places. Trying to find somebody to take over these functions was going to be somewhat of a fair task, but as it turns out in both cases I have already found somebody willing to take over these functions. There may be more on this subject later.

We are now making preparations for going to Melbourne next week for a week, as we have been asked to go down for my birthday celebrations, which we must do now because it seems that Matt is coming home from the Philippines, not only for that reason, but perhaps changed his timing to suit. The biggest thing to organise is somewhere to leave “Meggsie” the cat. We have found a cattery nearby and it will be interesting to see how he copes with it, not that he has any options.