Caboolture 2019, July week two.

Thursday 11th July 2019, Caboolture.

What can I say: I had every intention of putting words down regularly, but I just seem to get too busy? I am still fully involved with the men’s shed, after becoming a committee member I seem to acquire more jobs all the time. The same applies with the museum as well, we are going through some big changes at the moment which is keeping me rather busy.

The web site now seems to up and running as per normal, actually I am finding that some features that should have always worked, but didn’t before, now do work, so it all seems worth the time. For those who utilise it, I do intend keeping up the TV information page, and in fact I have just updated several documents on the page.

We are presently going through a few changes with the housing situation, if some are unaware we are renting because we spent too much living in the caravan for sixteen years, and we found things like the heat of last summer was too much for us, so we asked the landlord if he could find it in his kindness to install an air-conditioner for us. His response was “Yes I will, but before I do, I will install a solar system as well”. How surprised do you think we were? They have both been installed now, Smart meter installed, so now it is sit back and see what benefit, or how much benefit, they provide. I know the benefit we will get from the air-con, but how much financial benefit will we receive from the solar, a billing period will be needed to find out.