Caboolture 2019, May week 1.

Friday 3rd May 2019, Caboolture.

For those who have missed this web site, We are back up and running again. The server I was running off was old and kept falling over, but that is another long story, but we now have transferred the site to another server, and all now seems OK.

Obviously, this is the reason I have not been posting anything lately, not that there will be much after settling down, but I do intend keeping the site running, if for no other reason than keeping the TV news up to date. I discovered in January that one document on the TV Reception page, C1 satellite bearings, was incorrect with the elevation readings of every entry being 3 degrees out, so now all has been rectified.

We have now come to the full realisation the van has gone for good, and although it has been a very big part of our lives, we are glad that somebody else is going to get good use of it. We actually visited John today to deliver a part for the van that was overlooked, and he showed us the modifications he has undertaken, and he has done very well. They will no doubt have some good times in it.