Caboolture January 2019, week2.

Tuesday 8th January 2019, Caboolture.

We have just started a new year, and I certainly hope it will be better than the last part of last year, having suffered several losses of family members.

I have obviously been busy with the museum and the men’s shed as I have not been writing anything for a long time. Just as well, as I had some trouble with my web site server falling over a few days ago and I lost some input data that had to be re-uploaded. My TV information will now be that 12 months out of date, but not many changes happened, and it will also be updated again very shortly.

Anyway, this year could see a big step taken by us in changing a rather large and important part of our life. After getting comfortable in the house, and Linda even more not liking the idea of the actual travel bit in the caravan, we have decided to put a ‘for sale’ sign on the van and see what interest is attracted. As a reminder, we lived in the van for 16 years, and definitely consider that it would have to be one of the better things we did with our lives. We certainly do not have any regrets and enjoyed it thoroughly. We have had quite a few show some interest, but have not been back for a second look, BUT, we do now have a couple who have indicated that they would like to make the purchase. They have gone away for the weekend and when return will come and pay a deposit, and when that happens, I will undertake my obligation in getting safety inspections made before we finalise the deal. In the meantime, I have taken the for sale sign down because I do believe that they are rather sincere in making the offer.

Let me wish that everybody has as good a 2019 as I hope ours is.