Caboolture January 2019, week 3.

Wednesday 16th January 2019, Caboolture.

The couple interested in purchasing the van did in fact come through on the agreement we made, and yesterday made the payment of a deposit on the van, and I think it has only just now hit us that this part of our lives that we will cherish forever is finally over. We will now obtain the legally obliged safety inspections, and when this is done the final payment for the van will be transferred to us, and they can then take the van away. We are going to miss it. We have had a chance now to reminisce about out time in the caravan and still come up with the idea that we would not have changed anything in the time we were travelling. We are now being very much reminded about a lot of stories we have to tell about our lives in that van, and we ourselves are at the moment getting a lot out of thinking about those stories. I must stop waffling and now put with the next few days in a normal fashion until the final transactions are complete.