Caboolture September 2018< Week 4.

Sunday 23rd September 2018, Caboolture.

I have been rather busy since the last report, getting elected as a committee member at the shed for one thing. Nothing much will change with this appointment I shouldn’t think, although any computer work needed now, I am instantly nominated, not that I mind I Guess, it keeps me busy. It was thought that members needed a membership card, so it was then my task to build it, I think I did rather well for the first time. Then it was suggested to make a newsletter as we hadn’t had one for such a long time. The chap that used to do it, and a lot of other things, resigned, and there has been nobody since willing.

The museum has had me running also. We are updating our web site and I have had the job of re-taking photographs of all the artefacts that were displayed on the old site as we decided to keep the content the same, just give it a more modern look. For this reason, all the photos had to be a lot higher resolution than on the old site. There may have only been 30 or so photos, but to collect the articles, take the photos and replace them took a fair bit of time. It is not complete yet, but I am having a rest to do other things before getting back into it again.

I mentioned last time that I was suffering bad chest pains, the result was ‘Costochondritis’, an inflammation of the tissue between the ribs. I think I am rather fortunate though as the prognosis was that it could take up to a year or so to heal, but I do seem to have recovered already.