Caboolture August 2018, Week 1.

Friday 3rd August 2018, Caboolture.

Another month has snuck its way past again without realising. This has been another busy month, with doctor’s visits, and visits from two ex-workmates within a couple of weeks of each other. One was John Chellis, who with his wife came for a long drive from Tassie to visit several friends and rellies on the way. It was very nice of them to think of looking us up while here. It has been a long time since seeing John and Susie, but unfortunately, we did not have enough time till they had to go, but we did get in a bit of reminiscing. Then Ken gave us a ring to let us know he was in the area and would like to drop in and visit once again. Ken and wife Val, who has now left us, have called in on us many times over the years of travel during their travels, keeping an eye on the Blog to see where we were, and then calling in on the way past. One of my fellow shedders told me a while back that he knew Ken and would like to meet him for the first time since being kids together, so I got him to call around for a short while during Ken’s visit to also catch up, all went well.

I had a very busy week at the museum, with our President on holidays I have seemed to take over his role as well. Not that I really mind, but it was a week of much to do.

I may be laid up for a while with a bad pain in my left lower chest area, and I am very hopeful that it is only a stretched muscle. A few more tests will tell all, but I cannot for the life of me recall what may have done it. On the day, yesterday, I did do a little soil digging, raking and sweeping, but nothing too heavy as to cause this. The worst part was during the evening last night with me sneezing, and boy did that exacerbate the situation to a pain level I do not think I have ever experienced in my entire life. It did calm down a fair bit over night and has not been too bad today, so now hopefully it is not too bad and will clear up soon. Blood tests and an X-ray were done today, and an ultra-sound on Tuesday and this should all tell us what it is. I am just a bit peeved that with old age things just seem to happen too easily.