Caboolture June 2018, Week 5.

Saturday 30th June 2018, Caboolture.

What can I say: I just can’t be trusted lately to put reports on the web site. I do not consider that I have too much on my plate to be able to write words down, but it is as though I just do not have time to think about it. I have been busy with the Men’s Shed now that the new shed is finished, has been for 3 months, and there are plenty of jobs to keep a bloke occupied. I seem to have gotten the job of computer expert and have been trying to revamp an old laptop with, Vista as its operating system, to possibly get it to do what we would want it to do. So far all is going well and with a version of office 2010 installed it does now perform most of what we want it for. Would you believe that Microsoft still support Vista, I can’t believe the number of updates it has been downloading? The shed does have some later laptops for officials, but this one will be a general-purpose machine. I think I have decided that I may as well nominate for committee this year as most members, mainly new ones, already think I am on the committee. This is probably my fault due to when on the first day they came for a look and enquire, most officials were busy, so I took over showing them around, so now they have joined up I am the first person they approach to find out things. I am trying to rectify things, but I now think that becoming a committee member may be the easiest way out.

The museum has kept me very busy as well, so much so, along with the shed, that I do so much look forward to my few days off each week relaxing, hence my not thinking of the web site. We are going through some big changes at the museum, some that I cannot comment on until completion, and being on this committee as treasurer I have found myself heavily involved with the proposed changes, so once again when arriving home after a big day all I want is to sit down.

I have had the idea since we have been travelling in the van that one must not work too much on consecutive days, meaning work (travel) one day and relax the next. This has been a system that has suited me extremely well, but now that we have settled down I find my work days are all consecutive, so I say again that I really do look forward to my days off. Anyway, we are still here at the same address and do intend to be for quite some time. We do have a small concern at the moment though, as the neighbours to our rear have just moved out and we will be getting some new ones, we can only hope that they are as good as the last, we are very close to their back yard.