Caboolture March 2018, Week 3.

Tuesday 20th March 2018, Caboolture.

The having lumps removed from my face is finally happening. I have had a couple of troublesome lumps, sores, on my face and ear, which I have been constantly picking and scratching. It was time to once again talk to the doctor about them. (I had on past occasions spoke to him about them, with no concern being the resultant answer) This time he was once again not concerned, but we decided to get rid of them anyway. I saw a surgeon on Tuesday last week who removed a section of my left earlobe, and a lump just under same. A return today revealed that he had not gotten all of the lump in my ear, so we have to do it all again next week. The results of the biopsy were that it was a BCC cancer, which apparently means the lowest order of cancer, and not spreadable, but seeing we started to remove it the decision was made to do it properly. There is another area on my cheek, which comes and goes, which the surgeon looked at today, and he indicated that while completing the job next week he may take a biopsy of that one as well.

I quite often see people constantly having lumps removed from their faces, and other parts, and have constantly hoped that it would never be me. It has now started but at this stage it seems not to be a continuous thing, hopefully.