Caboolture, February 2018, Week Three.

Friday 16th February 2018, Caboolture.

I keep apologising, but here it is another month gone by already. I have been quite busy lately though, when one can avoid the heat, with photography to do with the building stages of the new shed, I have been nominated the shed photographer. We are nearly there, but work has been slow the last couple of weeks with whatever excuses the builders are making, but we are hopeful that the build will be finished in a couple of weeks and we can get in and start doing what we need to do before moving equipment in. Things like install lighting and prepare the floors are things that must be done before anything else, and I guess this stage will only take up more of my time seeing that I have volunteered extra time of mine, if needed, to help with these jobs.

The museum has been keeping me busy also. I have held the position of treasurer for the past year, and I have found that along with that position comes other responsibilities being a ranking official of the committee. We are going through a phase of introducing a new company, called Heritage Telstra, to manage the artefacts held by all the three museums and with my official status I am being called on to assist with the discussions about introducing some common paperwork instead of us all using different forms. This on its own has been keeping me busy with doing work at home as well as Wednesdays, and today the realisation just hit me that we have an AGM this week, and I have some preparation to do for that. Now that I have completed that, I have reminded myself that the web site still exists, and there should be some more words put down.