Caboolture, January 2018, week three.

Monday 15 January 2018, Caboolture.

Once again here it is two weeks into the new year, new chapter, and I haven’t put down any words.

We had a wonderful time at Heathcote Junction, as we had a fair bit of time with the family. We left there on the 3rd Jan. and returned home. Shocking weather since we have been back, I didn’t think a couple of weeks in Melbourne would make all that difference, but we did feel the humidity when we did return. Then the past couple of days have been in the very high 30’s, which is high for here, and with the humidity we had to sit in the caravan all day yesterday with the air-con and watch cricket. A cool change came through last evening and things are back to being tolerable once more.

Our new building at the Men’s shed has finally started progress. The slab went down last week, the pieces were delivered today, and they are supposed to begin assembly tomorrow. This will give our shedders something to do when at the shed, watching the assembly, and of course I have the job of taking a series of photos during the whole process.