Heathcote Junction, December 2017, week 4.

Tuesday 26th December 2017, Heathcote Junction.

Been here for almost a week already, and what an action packed week it has been. This is probably only expected for Christmas though as it has not only been us visiting Narrelle and family, but Matt’s parents as well with brother Lorne. With all that has been happening here, and visiting Matt and Lou and Kids, and driving to Hoppers Crossing to pick up a pool fence we have been quite busy and the time has been flying. A few chores around the yard and helping Matt install the pool fence and there has all our time been taken up. Matt’s parents have gone back home today, Lorne is still here for a couple of days, and things should start to quiet down a little from now on. So for the next week we are here things should be a bit more relaxing, I hope.