Caboolture, November 2017, week 2.

Thursday 9th November 2017, Caboolture.

Another month has passed. We have parked the caravan in the other end of the yard until early next year, as we won’t have a chance to use it, or the weather for the next few months can be a bit warm or even wet, so it is parked for a while. I was about to say nothing out of the ordinary has been happening, but on Monday my phone rang and it was listed as Linda’s cousin Bruce. When I answered it turned out to be his mother Edna, and after I queried her using the phone she jumped straight in saying don’t panic it is not urgent. It turns out they were up from Launceston at Coolum for a wedding and on their way to Redcliffe for further celebrations and decided to call in for a visit on the way. As it turned out they didn’t have anywhere to stay while here so we offered them to stay with us, so we had visitors staying for two days, completely unexpected. It was nice to see them again, as for me it has been quite a while since I have seen them, but Linda did meet them on one of her visits south more recently.

I guess for the time upcoming we will be concentrating on the things that are coming up before Christmas, such as club dinners and such, before we fly to Melbourne.