Caboolture, September 2017, Week 4.

Saturday 23rd September 2017, Caboolture.

I have been chatted about not putting words down very often, so here are a few. As would be expected that when we are not travelling there would not be much to write about, but, things do happen at home and perhaps these should be put to words.

I have just made a booking at a caravan park at Bongaree, Bribie Island, from the 2nd October for a week, so we are going over there at long last. It is not far from home, but it may as well be 1000K if we pretend we are not so close, and we are looking forward to it. Surprise, surprise, it rained rather heavily yesterday for a few hours and the leak we have had in the caravan was dry this morning when I checked, so maybe it only leaks with weather from a certain direction? We do have a towel where it leaks so we only need to swap it when wet, and that will hopefully save us the trouble trying to find the actual place where the water is coming in.

I have been rather busy lately with both my extra-curricular activities, being the men’s shed and the museum. Since taking on the position of treasurer at the museum I just do not seem to have any spare time. It is not just the treasurer side that keeps me busy, but the task I also seem to have inherited of re-creating software copies of numerous documents that we have hard copies of, but no software copies. These must have been lost when we had computer problems a couple of years ago, and since we now need to update and amend these documents someone must restore them to software.

Both Linda and I have now recovered from the flu we contracted after coming back from Melbourne, and are now going well. We both had the flu shot this year, as I always do, so we didn’t get it as bad as if we hadn’t, and after hearing how this is an extremely bad season for flu we now think ourselves very lucky.

The men’s shed is progressing very well as well, we are now about to start construction of our second shed, not bad considering we have only been up and running for two years. I have been getting involved in several things at the shed and recently before having our AGM I got the impression I was being almost pressured into joining the committee. I did let them know that I was not yet interested as I have enough on my plate. What I didn’t tell them was that when we get up and running with the new shed, and things are running a little smoother, I may then show some interest.