Melbourne July 2017, Week 5.

Monday 31st July 2017, Melbourne.

We are now getting ready for our return home tomorrow. Apart from the cold it has been quite a nice visit, we went to Ellies 18th birthday dinner, caught up with their family. We have stayed at Narrelle’s for the duration of our visit so we have had plenty of time with their kids. I don’t know if I am becoming acclimatised to the weather down here, being 10 degrees at the moment, because I have just completed a 4.5 Kilometre walk and didn’t think it too cold at all. I think I am going to enjoy the weather back home though. We also went and visited sister Annette on Saturday and had a good catch-up chat with her. The rest of this visit has just been a relaxing time as it has been too cold and sometimes wet to get out and do much. I would have liked to do a bit of yard work, as usual, but I now see that it is just not done this time of year. Our next visit, as known so far, will be Christmas, and we are yet to decide whether to bring the caravan down or fly and just stay for a few days only.