Caboolture July 2017, Week 2.

Friday 14th July 2017, Caboolture.

We have had Narrelle and the kids here for the previous week, and what a treat it was to have them. Matt, son in-law, also came with them but just for a few days. He was originally going overseas for work, which is the reason Narrelle planned on coming, but he had to change his plans at the last minute for personal reasons, so he came as well. It was the first time Matt has visited and I think he appreciates now why we settled here. They all thoroughly enjoyed their visit and as I said it was such a joy to have them being so well behaved. Now it is our turn: We are going to Melbourne next week, as I said for Elly’s 18th, so we will be there in the cold weather from Tuesday for two weeks, BRRRRRR!