Caboolture May 2017, week 5.

Tuesday 30th May 2017, Caboolture.

I have been making comments about troubles with the web site over the past couple of months, or so, and now they are all hopefully fixed. You would not believe the trouble I have been having trying to convince Telstra of the nature of the faults I was having, but I either did end up convincing them, or had a run of luck that ended up getting them fixed. I am not going to try to explain the nature of the faults, it is too complicated. I am a little fortunate that working, as I do, at the Telstra museum, I do have a method of lodging a complaint, or fault, in a method not available to most others, and it was this method in the end that provided the results I did get. This was except for the trouble I was having accessing my web site, Blog, via NBN, until I gave a tour through the museum on Wednesday to a couple of gents who worked for NBN, and being ex-Telstra workers. I had a chat with them about my problem and as of the following day the problem has simply gone away. I have not heard from these gents, but it must be too coincidental to be anything other than them finding the problem, especially after NBN had said it could not possibly be their problem.

In the end, with other problems, email and such, being fixed it now seems that I will be able to post some more reports here in the future, if I so desire.

We have now been making arrangements to go on a short van trip to Yeppoon near Rockhampton for a week or two, and when I get a couple of doctors visits out of the way we are off. We would be away right now if it hadn’t been for waiting two weeks to get the results of my regular check-up, so we are just biding time until we can hook up and go. The other problem we have had is one of my toes has been extremely bad the past few months, and it would not have been very nice travelling with that sort of pain.

We will soon be planning a trip to Melbourne in July, as it is the eldest grand-daughter’s 18th birthday, and we can’t miss that can we.