Caboolture, May 2017, week 1.

Monday 1st May 2017, Caboolture.

It now seems that the web site has been repaired, so I can now resume publishing posts.

Not much to report this time, except for the fact that I installed a new printer at home the other day. Linda wanted access to a printer from her laptop in the back room to print her cards without moving to my office, room, so the new one is wi-fi, as most are today anyway. Thinking about all the printers I had installed over the years I considered this one would be a lot different in the install procedure, but, no worries the instructions will show me through. Not so easy. It is fortunate that I do have some knowledge of computers, because the setup of the printer did no quite go as I would have expected, and sure enough when it was installed on my computer it would not connect. Luckily it took me through a process to remedy this, and this is where my knowledge came in, as the process was not extremely straight forward. It seemed the instructions were for that series of printer, but the actual printer is a late model in the series and the instructions were not exactly fitting to that machine. I did quite easily manage to get my way through it and all worked well. This does bring me to the point again that: What would the average elderly person without the knowledge that I do have done in this situation, and where an older printer took only moments to install, the ease with the way computing makes it nowadays, it only took me a few hours to install this one. I really do wonder.