Caboolture, March 2017 Week 1.

Saturday 4th March 2017, Caboolture.

Another month gone by and I can’t even stick to my idea of putting something down each week. Nothing much has been happening because we have been sitting inside trying to overcome the constant heat, well it is not the heat as such, but the humidity. It has rained in very small amounts over the past week or so, but nowhere near as much as forecast, so what has fallen is only creating a massive rise in the humidity and because the sky is not overcast, and the sun shining, the result is only worse.

I have taken on extra chores at the Museum, being that of Treasurer, so I now have more work to do there to keep me occupied. Naturally with that job comes other tasks, such as keeping track of members and their activeness and details, hence looking after emails also comes with the territory. We also seem to be undertaking some out of hours’ tours and I seem to end up with the task of attending these as well as a guide. One of which I have no problem with because it is a Telstra Alumni function, that I would attend anyway.

I’ll go back to the car racing now and persist with this weather, which can’t last for long surely.