Caboolture, March 2017, Week 3.

Monday 20th March 2017, Caboolture.

We can’t get over the sweltering heat we are experiencing now, well not the heat so much as the humidity. We can’t remember it being like this last year, but when Linda looked up the weather on the net it turns out that it was very similar. It strikes us funny that this year a lot of locals are saying it was a lot worse summer than they have had for a long time, and when Linda looked up on the web it seems everyone was saying the same thing last year. It also seems that it was as hot at this time last year, so I guess we are just going to have to tolerate it.

I have been continuing my work at the men shed and the Museum as usual, and am settling in to my new job as treasurer at the museum, not much happening money wise yet. We had a tour book in last week on Friday, a mystery tour from Toowoomba as it turned out, which was on a day we are not open so we did organise it anyway. The day worked out fine, with 45 visitors that we broke up into groups in our usual manner, and showed them all a good show, they all seemed to enjoy it very much, as is usual. The frustrating part about it was when I emptied the donation box to find the tour operators had placed $5.00 in it. We do not have an entry fee, but seeing we put ourselves out and four volunteers attended, which the museum reimburses expenses, we did expect they would give just a little bit more, maybe enough to at least cover expenses.

Caboolture, March 2017 Week 1.

Saturday 4th March 2017, Caboolture.

Another month gone by and I can’t even stick to my idea of putting something down each week. Nothing much has been happening because we have been sitting inside trying to overcome the constant heat, well it is not the heat as such, but the humidity. It has rained in very small amounts over the past week or so, but nowhere near as much as forecast, so what has fallen is only creating a massive rise in the humidity and because the sky is not overcast, and the sun shining, the result is only worse.

I have taken on extra chores at the Museum, being that of Treasurer, so I now have more work to do there to keep me occupied. Naturally with that job comes other tasks, such as keeping track of members and their activeness and details, hence looking after emails also comes with the territory. We also seem to be undertaking some out of hours’ tours and I seem to end up with the task of attending these as well as a guide. One of which I have no problem with because it is a Telstra Alumni function, that I would attend anyway.

I’ll go back to the car racing now and persist with this weather, which can’t last for long surely.