Caboolture, Feb 2017 week 2.

Sunday February 12th, Caboolture.

Over the years of our travelling this big land we have encountered many occasions when weather conditions have hit records, highest max. on record, lowest temp on record, longest heatwave on record, hottest individual months for years or on record. Now we have experienced another one. With Caboolture reaching 40 degrees today I believe this will make this the hottest February on record. We spent a few days considering what we were going to do for yesterday and today, 37 degrees yesterday, as we do not have air-con at home. Suggestions like go and sit in a movie theatre and shopping centre for the day, fill up the fuel tank and go for a long drive somewhere where we can run the air-con in the car, but the obvious was just too easy, turn the air-con on in the van and go out there and sit and watch a movie, it would be a lot cheaper, and we still had all the comforts of home. It didn’t actually get as hot as forecast, 41 degrees, but only reached 39. something. We closed off the house to keep the heat out and when the temp dropped to the same as in the house we opened up again to let the cooler air from outside in, and are now in the house, albeit still mid 30’s.