Caboolture in the heat.

Sunday 15th January 2017, Caboolture.

Sunday again, and what has happened in the last week? The museum and the Men’s shed have reopened, so that keeps me occupied on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and some Tuesdays from now on. The Men’s shed, as I may have recently mentioned, has just finished construction of its first shed, so I have been volunteering my services, or time, assisting the “Sparky” member in wiring in power points and lights etc. This is the thing I have been looking forward to in joining the men’s shed, assisting with construction of whatever to improve the shed. Most of the other members spend the meeting sitting and chatting, but after-all that is what the shed is all about.

I finally made changes to make things easier in putting the caravan in the southern end of the yard. I placed some large paving concrete stones in place where the wheels and jockey wheel are to be situated, and this makes it much easier to get the van into the best parking position. The problem before was that there was nothing to line the van up with to get it into position as there is nothing at that end of the yard square with anything else, so it meant readjustments in movements to get it right. Now I can see the stones I placed on the ground, so now all is required is to line the van up centrally after driving it up the ramps to the foot-path, and reversing it up onto the stones. I placed the van there on Friday and from what I learned I am now wishing I had done it months ago, Explanation: It has been extremely hot here recently, with high humidity as well, and Linda and I are finding it hard to get used to, we have been in Melbourne this time of year normally. Most of the breezes, winds, we get here this time of year come from the north to north-east, so when the van and car were removed from the drive-way the breeze was then unbroken by them and builds up in the corner of the house and garages and funnels it straight into the front door of the house. Because we don’t have air-con we rely heavily on air flow through the house to give us that cool feeling and this situation has resulted in a much greater flow than we had previously. Hopefully this heat wave will be over soon and we start getting a little cooler stuff.