Caboolture for Xmas,

Friday 30th December 2016, Caboolture.

We have stayed at home in Caboolture this Christmas so we could have a quiet Christmas on our own, well with K & A is nearly alone, and so the kids could have a quiet one without us hanging around. It has been too many years to recall that we have not had any family with us for Christmas.

With the museum closing for two weeks over Xmas, and the men’s shed doing the same, we find ourselves with plenty of free time until they reopen, so we have decided to do the touristy thing and see some things we would not do and see now that we are not travelling in the caravan. The old story is: one never sees any sights in his immediate local area, and we were starting to realise that this was becoming the case with us. On Wednesday, we went to the Botanic Gardens at Redcliffe. We had known of them for quite a while but never, up till now, gone to see them. These gardens were a little different to others, as when I first saw them my first comment was that they look a little run-down, but they are designed to be that way with a lot of plants being grown and actually looking like a forest situation. The result was good and fully suited the situation they were trying to achieve. The only negative, if it is one, is that flying foxes have taken over the tree tops.

Today we went for a drive to Petrie area, half way from here to Brisbane, with the intention of looking at the Old Petrie Town, and Lake Samsonvale, which is our main water supply catchment. The Old Petrie Town was a bit of a disappointment as most of the old buildings are obviously only open when they are having market days, so very few were open today. I guess we were expecting something like the Caboolture historic village that have many old buildings open for inspection at all open times, so I think Old Petrie would have the same disappointment for quite a few tourists. Lake Samsonvale was well laid out with very good picnic areas at the dam, with excellent lookout facilities. There are several good picnic areas around the lake that obviously provide some good fishing opportunities as was evident by the number of people dangling lines in the water.

All in all, these touristy days have been good with us seeing new things, and they aptly fill in the days as well.

I am hopeful that I will continue reports such as this even though we are not travelling full time any more.