Sunday 23rd October 2016, Toogoolawah.

What a place to be to relax and catch up with some rest. We are parked in the local showground, there are no caravan parks, and apart from concrete slabs it has everything that a caravan park has to offer, clean amenities, large grassed areas, reasonably level, power and water on poles scattered all over the place so one can have free choice of where and what angle to park. It is also much cheaper than any caravan park, so what more can one ask. There is a road around the grounds that is about a little over a kilometre, and it make a good walking track, which we are using quite regularly. I did come here with the idea that TV reception was going to be touchy, but that idea has gone by the wind as there is a new transmitter on a hill close by and reception is of a level I have not seen better anywhere. I did have some practice with setting up the satellite anyway, and I also learned a little more as well, that the signal level that shows on the meter before the satellite is tuned in is very much dependant on the LNB skew. The township is about 1.3K from the park so it is also within walking distance.

We went for a drive yesterday around Lake Somerset, not far to the East, and had another look as we have been there before. I had the idea that last time the water level was very low, so the idea was to see how full it was this time. It turned out to be quite a bit higher, and it was interesting to see how they have upgraded the local day use area, and it especially shows by the number of people using it.

Well back to TV now and watch the Gold Coast 600 supercars, it is a bit cool outside anyway.


Thursday 20th October 2016, Toogoolawah.

We are off on another short getaway for a few days, having jumped in the van and gone about 90 Kilometres inland on the Esk road to Toogoolawah. We have heard a bit about this Showground park and decided to check it out, and so far it is living up to all expectations, more on that later.

It has been more than a month since my last report, again, but as explained there won’t be many reports while at Caboolture.