Thursday 1st September 2016, Laidley.

It has been a change today with some sightseeing being done. It has been a long while since we have done some touring as a tourist in an area that we have not been before. We went back toward Toowoomba via a small place called Spring Bluff, a small enough place to now only have a historic railway station left in existence. This is a very picturesque area and well worth the trip. The main idea of the trip today was to go to Toowoomba and have a prelude to the flower festival upcoming. We went a bit unprepared only to find that unless you know where to go to look at the gardens there is nothing out of the ordinary to see. We did go back to Picnic Point, have been there before, but were surprised to find that Kay and Adrian haven’t been there before. Between there and Spring Bluff, both having flower gardens, we decided that we did get an example of the festival after all.