Caboolture again.

Friday 9th September 2016, Caboolture.

We are back home again with mixed feeling of our past two weeks in the caravan. The cold nights didn’t help a great deal, and the first day at Jondaryan was almost a trip killer, and the insects at Laidley were intolerable. We should have expected, and I think we did, that the nights were going to be a lot cooler but I don’t think we expected it to be as cold as it did get. Jondaryan, as we discussed later between us and K and A, was a first impressions disappointment, and it was later said that if anybody suggested not staying there on day one we would have packed up and moved out. It turned out not to be too bad but was a bit over priced for what they provided. No water was available to each site, with only two taps provided to fill water tanks. The sites were too close together, but turned out not to be a great bother to us as after parking in the position we did it was convenient for us being close together, and their van ended up providing shade to our site late in the afternoon. Things that were advertised to be operating, weren’t, the festival starting the week after we left may have been the reason with all hands busy, but we did hear from other visitors that that was also the case a lot earlier. I am not sure whether that might just have been a case of people expecting too much. The other thing I didn’t mention earlier was the almost constant wind we endured during the two weeks away, none of us like high winds. Laidley, now this was a place we did enjoy, apart from the insect invasion we had one night. They were there most of the time, but in a tolerable number, but this particular night they simply completely took over the place. The wind was also hard to take here as well, but I did put up walls to counteract it on occasions so it was a little more tolerable. Other than this though Laidley was a nice place, and caravan park on the side of a lake, and after being asked by Adrian as to whether we would return there at any time, my answer was “I would most certainly consider it again”.

So now it is settle back into home life again until we think about going out again, or Christmas, whichever comes first.


Thursday 1st September 2016, Laidley.

It has been a change today with some sightseeing being done. It has been a long while since we have done some touring as a tourist in an area that we have not been before. We went back toward Toowoomba via a small place called Spring Bluff, a small enough place to now only have a historic railway station left in existence. This is a very picturesque area and well worth the trip. The main idea of the trip today was to go to Toowoomba and have a prelude to the flower festival upcoming. We went a bit unprepared only to find that unless you know where to go to look at the gardens there is nothing out of the ordinary to see. We did go back to Picnic Point, have been there before, but were surprised to find that Kay and Adrian haven’t been there before. Between there and Spring Bluff, both having flower gardens, we decided that we did get an example of the festival after all.