Nanango, Jondaryan and Laidley.

Tuesday 23rd August 2016, Nanango.

We are out on the road again. Kay and Adrian have completed a few mods to their “Nipper” van and were keen to take it out for a test, so we decided to tag along and have a couple of weeks out as well. We have moved to Nanango for a couple of days to visit Les and Jan while we are out and about.

Thursday 25th August 2016, Jondaryan.

Relaxing couple of days at Nanango, but it rained a bit on day two, yesterday, but that didn’t bother us as we were just there to visit. It turns out we missed most of the rain anyway as it passed us by, so we only caught the edge of it.

We have now moved to Jondaryan Wool Shed, a caravan park on an old farm with that has a big history of sheep farming, near Dalby. It’s claim to fame is the very large wool shed, which was one of the largest in the area. They have also started a museum of all sorts of farm machinery and old buildings donated from within the area, and it all comes together very well indeed. The whole display area actually took us a couple of days to have a good look around, but then we have plenty of time and aren’t in a hurry.

Tuesday 30th August 2016, Laidley.

Got out of Jondaryan just in time: They are just about to head into their annual Jackie Howe Festival, which is a sheering competition that attracts plenty of people. It may have been nice to stay and have a look at things but it was bad enough as it was accessing the amenities with the number of people that have been there for the past few days, without putting up with the extra 400 or so camp sites being made available, it would be bedlam.

We are now at Laidley, half way between Toowoomba and Brisbane, a small place Kay and Adrian stayed at a while back and swore to return. It seems to be worth it as I think we are going to enjoy a week here investigating the Lockyer valley and what it has to offer.