Sunday 31st July 2016, Caboolture.

A lovely week was had at Clontarf, with not doing a great deal, just relaxing. The walking track did get a fair bit of use though, but for the rest of the time there was never any intention to do much at all. We learned a couple of things that we need to do before heading off again, like a couple of things we hadn’t packed. We did not take the awning and for the first few days while the weather was hot, would you believe that Queensland was classed to have had a heat wave, but for the last few days it would have been nice to have a wall or two up to block out the cold wind so we wouldn’t have had to spend so much time inside. I am going to have to give a fair consideration to what we are going to do for internet connection whilst travelling because with the advent of using windows 10, and cloud storage, I find I am using a lot more data than before. I don’t know that I am prepared to just go off for another week like this again as I really did miss the comfort of home, but if we have somewhere specific to go, like visit Peter in Rockhampton, then there would be no problem. In fact, I think I am looking forward to taking the van to Melbourne again this Christmas, and take a bit of time to have a look at an area we have not seen, or would like to return to.