Thursday 26 May 2016, Caboolture.

Another month has passed by, and a few things have happened.

I have finally gotten the caravan re-registered, and it turned out not to be such a drama as first thought. I took it in to have a safety check and after weighing the van they then amended the stamping of the VIN plate with the TARE and ATM, so when I took it to registry they re-registered it without a problem. The idea of VIN plates, and their security of ownership, leaves me wondering though after this, and seeing what I did while at the registry office. Another gent was registering his trailer and had made a mistake with his VIN number, so he went in the yard, got his angle grinder from the boot, cordless, and proceeded to grind the old number off and restamp it with the correct one. It left me wondering exactly how easy it might be to just change a VIN number in the event the van might be stolen??? Probably not that easy though.

I am on my own again with Linda in Melbourne again for her usual grand-kid fix, and will be back next week. I am once again reminded profoundly about an old adage of mine: “There is only one thing worse than having nothing to do, and that is having no-body to do it with”. I generally do not mind a quiet period of relaxing, looking out the sun room window watching the world go by, but it is not the same when there is no-one to share the event with.

I am sure I have mentioned that I joined the committee of the local computer club, well they have me working my little but off, I have really been suckered into this one, but so far I don’t really mind so long as repairs are not expected of me if needed. They even have me doing presentations at meetings now, I have done a couple that I have built myself, but I am not sure how I will go if I have to present one that someone else may have built, we’ll see.

The men’s shed that I also joined is starting to progress with financial grants starting to come forth. This has boosted our bank account so we can now start to look at setting up an actual shed. We had a meeting today to vote for a site for our shed and an almost unanimous decision was made, so hopefully construction work will commence shortly.