Tuesday 12th April 2016, Caboolture.

I am not so sure that what the Telstra contractors said is strictly true. We were having anything up to 36, maybe more, dropouts every day and after the NBN people finally arrived to look at the fault there was certainly nothing mentioned about such a thing. It was indicated that the modem could be at fault and the Tech said he was going to suggest that Telstra replace it with a new one, but at this stage I haven’t heard anything. The Tech did indicate that he had an idea where there might be a possible fault and would investigate upon departure. As agreed there was a dropout approximately 3 minutes after his departure which he indicated would be him fixing the problem, and the total dropouts have significantly dropped ever since. The problem now is lack of communication, we are still getting what may be regular dropouts: one about 09:00 AM, one mid-afternoon, and one mid-evening possibly every day. I haven’t had time to think of, and, record the actual time of dropouts to decide if it is as regular as I suspect. If it is regular it would indicate to me that NBN is doing some regular scheduled check on the line which is causing the dropout. As I said the problem is that nobody is telling me anything, they haven’t even enquired as to whether the dropouts have ceased or not. We will see what happens in future.