Settled at Caboolture.

Sunday 24th January 2016, Caboolture.

We have been back from our trip to Melbourne for a few weeks now and haven’t written anything down, so what’s new. It has been almost unbearably hot here since returning, or maybe it is the humidity, but when I look at our gauge in the house it is mostly what I call only 60-65%, but not knowing better I would not think that is very high. Hopefully things will start to cool down a little over the next few weeks, if today being a little cooler is any indication.

I have been wondering again about keeping this web site going as we are hardly the Wandering Tew’s anymore, but something happened the other week with the web site, to do with Matt’s server, and after discussions it was decided that if I am continuously using the site I am also monitoring his server for common problems, so the decision was made to continue the site. For those who get information from the TV page, I have no idea how many are using it, I will occasionally update the information on the page, although with no foreseeable changes being made this may not be very often. Some are due for an update now come to think of it.

I am quite pleased with the effort I have been putting in at the Telstra museum lately: I have seemed to take on the role as tour guide and have been enjoying it immensely. I will continue this role until something changes, which may not be too far away. We have a new committee, one that may be prepared to accept changes more readily, such as the cataloguing of all the bits and pieces we have in the museum, and in store, the data from which to be stored in a national data base. It has been known for a long time that this had to happen but for reasons I will not mention here nobody was prepared to accept these changes. I am a little annoyed that I personally didn’t nominate for any position on the new committee but I have an idea that I will put in the future where I could assist others perhaps.