Heathcote Junction.

Sunday 3rd January 2016, Heathcote Junction.

Again the best part of a month since, but we did get to Heathcote Junction in good time and order. We have now been here for over two weeks and spent a fair time with the family. Because we don’t have the caravan this time we have been sleeping, living, in the studio we have built on the end of the shed, with a make-shift kitchen in the shed. I bought my VAST box and TV from the caravan with us so we could have TV in the studio as it has been cabled for the satellite dish, and internet. We have now almost finished packing all our gear into boxes ready to go into the car tomorrow, and it is going to be reasonably heavy, so the car will be working a bit on the way home. We had wondered for a while whether we had left some things at Geelong where we had some things stored for the past few years as some things were missing, so I rang them and arranged to come over. We couldn’t believe what we found when we had a look and couldn’t understand how they got overlooked before, it just added a fair bit to the load to take back. Tomorrow is loading into the car day ready for us to head off on Tuesday.

We will be glad to get home.