Settled at Caboolture.

Sunday 24th January 2016, Caboolture.

We have been back from our trip to Melbourne for a few weeks now and haven’t written anything down, so what’s new. It has been almost unbearably hot here since returning, or maybe it is the humidity, but when I look at our gauge in the house it is mostly what I call only 60-65%, but not knowing better I would not think that is very high. Hopefully things will start to cool down a little over the next few weeks, if today being a little cooler is any indication.

I have been wondering again about keeping this web site going as we are hardly the Wandering Tew’s anymore, but something happened the other week with the web site, to do with Matt’s server, and after discussions it was decided that if I am continuously using the site I am also monitoring his server for common problems, so the decision was made to continue the site. For those who get information from the TV page, I have no idea how many are using it, I will occasionally update the information on the page, although with no foreseeable changes being made this may not be very often. Some are due for an update now come to think of it.

I am quite pleased with the effort I have been putting in at the Telstra museum lately: I have seemed to take on the role as tour guide and have been enjoying it immensely. I will continue this role until something changes, which may not be too far away. We have a new committee, one that may be prepared to accept changes more readily, such as the cataloguing of all the bits and pieces we have in the museum, and in store, the data from which to be stored in a national data base. It has been known for a long time that this had to happen but for reasons I will not mention here nobody was prepared to accept these changes. I am a little annoyed that I personally didn’t nominate for any position on the new committee but I have an idea that I will put in the future where I could assist others perhaps.


Thursday 7th January 2016, Goondiwindi.

The longer trip today didn’t seem to be that bad, perhaps I am getting used to it. We are now at Goondiwindi with the air-con going once again. It is a little earlier than we expected, but we did cross the border of day-light savings, so we have an extra hour to relax while here.


Wednesday 6th January 2016, Dubbo.

We have now moved on to Dubbo, two more legs to go. Linda, especially, found the trip hard today, being a little longer than yesterday, how is she going to handle it tomorrow with an extra 100K more than today. We are just not used to all this travel and we are both a little worn out, as is usual after spending time in Melbourne, but we can handle it with the thought that it will only be two days till we are home. We must also remember that we go out of daylight saving area tomorrow.

Narrandera on our way north.

Tuesday 5th January 2016, Narrandera.

Back at Narrandera again on our way back north. The trip today was a bit different with the weight the car is carrying, and we wouldn’t be able to get anything else in. I was surprised to find the fuel economy was not much worse than the trip down, but we were not using the air-con this time. We did have a minor possible problem on this trip with the luggage box on the roof. We had a person in the opposite direction flash his headlights and wave at us, which I took as some-one who thought they knew us and waved. Then Linda decided to tell me that she heard something thump on the roof just prior and should check to see. I noticed that a usual problem with the lid was apparent with it not sitting shut properly, the possible cause being the gas strut pushing the case out of shape and holding it ajar. I did what I have done in the past and pushed it closed and continued on our way. A stop after a short period revealed that it was up once more, and because it was raining on occasions I decided something should be done to stop water getting in so I unclipped the gas strut. This seemed to work but the incident was now instilled in my mind with the thought that it could get worse, so after arriving at Narrandera I screwed the lid shut so it will not come open. It does not need to be opened until we get home so it doesn’t matter, and I will look at a permanent fix then.

It appears to be a little busy along this route at this time of year so I have had to break a rule of mine and actually book accommodation. I don’t usually book when in the caravan because several things, e.g. Rain, could easily change our minds.

Heathcote Junction.

Sunday 3rd January 2016, Heathcote Junction.

Again the best part of a month since, but we did get to Heathcote Junction in good time and order. We have now been here for over two weeks and spent a fair time with the family. Because we don’t have the caravan this time we have been sleeping, living, in the studio we have built on the end of the shed, with a make-shift kitchen in the shed. I bought my VAST box and TV from the caravan with us so we could have TV in the studio as it has been cabled for the satellite dish, and internet. We have now almost finished packing all our gear into boxes ready to go into the car tomorrow, and it is going to be reasonably heavy, so the car will be working a bit on the way home. We had wondered for a while whether we had left some things at Geelong where we had some things stored for the past few years as some things were missing, so I rang them and arranged to come over. We couldn’t believe what we found when we had a look and couldn’t understand how they got overlooked before, it just added a fair bit to the load to take back. Tomorrow is loading into the car day ready for us to head off on Tuesday.

We will be glad to get home.