Saturday 19th December 2015, Narrandera.

We are now at Narrandera in the sweltering heat, as much of the southern country is today, but all we intend doing is sitting inside with the air-con going.

Things are starting to look up with the cabins we are stopping in. Things were much improved at Dubbo with the only problem there being an old TV with a very grainy picture quality. The cabin here is a big improvement on both the others being a brick construction and much larger with much more room to move round in. Bear in mind the prices have been gradually creeping up as well, but we will not be returning to the park at Goondiwindi as that cabin was definitely not worth what we paid considering the other two, and especially this one. Our last leg tomorrow, and will be our shortest trip at 360K, and Linda especially can’t wait to get there.


Friday 18th December, Dubbo.

We have now moved on to Dubbo, 500K, yes five hundred, further south. This would have to be one of the longest runs we have done for a while, but again it was a bit easier not having the van on behind.

We are experiencing a different method of accommodation on this trip as we would usually, as for years we have had the caravan, and now we are staying in cabins. Our first experience wasn’t very good at Goondiwindi though. The cabin was old and lacked a bit of what I would call general minor maintenance. The fly screens on the windows did not seal, or had holes in them, so one could not leave the curtains and windows open due to the mass of insects that invaded, so the curtains had to be closed and we felt like we were sitting in a small jail cell. The cabin wasn’t very clean, which surprises me being a Top Tourist park, and found we had to clean all dinner ware before using. The shower wasn’t usable as it was just too small and I couldn’t move in it, so I used the amenity block as I would when with the caravan. Fortunately the cabin we have at Dubbo so far looks much better than that of last evening. It is still old but has a better feeling about it, and we are settling in much better. IT ALSO HAS A LOUNGE CHAIR FOR WATCHING TV.


Wednesday 17th December, Goondiwindi.

We have started our journey south to Melbourne, and what a different trip it is. We do not have the van with us and we are staying in cabins instead. Fuel consumption is nowhere near as high, and apart from carrying in a few bags for overnight we don’t have as much setting up and packing up as we would if we had the van. We have so far gotten to Goondiwindi, about 450K, and will stop overnight. We will be making 3 stops on the trip so we won’t be exceeding our mileage limits. Actually today and tomorrow will be longer than our normal limit, but it is not as bad not having the van on the back, and the last two days will be shorter distances when we will be a bit tired.