Beachmere, a short trip.

Friday 27th November 2015, Beachmere.

Yes it is now late November without a report for a couple of months. Several things have happened since last report, re-registered the car and transferred my license, had a couple of short trips in the caravan, set ourselves in with a new GP surgery, making plans to go back to Melbourne for Xmas, etc. etc. We changed our GP for several reasons: 1, the new super clinic in Caboolture is a lot closer, 2, we found out that the doctor we were seeing at Beachmere actually owned the clinic and this was obviously the reason she kept us coming back without real reason when it wasn’t necessary, and 3, we, or especially Linda, weren’t real happy with her anyway.

We have had a couple of trips with the caravan, one to Nanango with K & A and their new van to visit another pair of friends while there. We hadn’t intended going far because it was basically a test run for us as well. We are actually now at Beachmere on another trip, as short as it is, to visit the park managers as they finish up here at the end of the month. We were invited to the usual monthly Sunday breakfast, being their last, so we decided to come over for a couple of days anyway.

We are going back to Melbourne for Xmas, but will only be a short trip this time. We will not be taking the van, just driving down, because we intend bringing back the stuff we have stored in Narrelle’s garage and we will need all the room in the car. We are fairly busy from now for a while, but we are hopeful of getting away about 16th Dec, and arriving in Melbourne on 19th or 20th.