Friday 9th October 2015, Caboolture.

Well nothing unusual, it has been another month, and I am surprised I haven’t made a report since getting back from Bundaberg. We had a good trip to Bundy and the fuel economy was in fact much better, as would stand to reason. We caught up with Tony and Brenda, old friends from Tassie, while we were there as it has been a long time, and we did have a lot to talk about. I was very happy with the way the van performed with the less weight we are now carrying so it was a lot more stress free with the less worry about tyres and such.

Our mates K & A have bought themselves a small ‘A’ van, as they were finding the putting up a tent was a bit hard for them considering their ages. It turned up today and we dropped in for a visit just after he turned up at home with it. They are now looking very much forward to making trips now they have got it, and I no doubt think we will be joining them on occasions. We were also thinking that this type of van would actually suit us from now on as we only intend making short trip from now on, so if an offer without too much expense of swapping, for e.g. arose we would actually consider it I think.