Friday 11th September 2015, Bundaberg.

We have finally set off on our first trip since settling at Caboolture by going to Bundaberg. Filling the fuel tank will ultimately tell, but it is looking like we got a much better fuel economy on our trip today. The car wanted to go a lot better, pulling the caravan up steeper hills before having to go back a gear, and cruising a lot better. As a result we ended up travelling at a bit faster speed than usual, which wouldn’t help our economy, and we did have a bit of a tail wind. The trip back on Monday will be the tell though as we are forecast to have head winds, so it will be interesting to see both fuel economies.

What a trip with a difference: the actual trip was a lot easier with the van and car being a lot lighter, except for the rain almost the entire trip. We have had nothing but sunshine since settling in the house, now that we set off it rains. When we arrived at Bundy the wind was blowing hard, and apparently has been for a while and will be for a while, something we have just not noticed since we stopped travelling, and we have always absolutely hated wind. Another thing has got me reeling as well, and that is TV reception, sometimes I think digital TV was the worst thing they could have done. The other thing they could have done was get rid of VHF transmission because all trouble I have had is with this band. We are staying at a park we have not stopped at before and did note that the park has cabled all sites with TV, but no, I intended using my beaut new aerial that will work everywhere, and would you believe it will not pick up all available channels. This area has always been noted to be among the worst area in Australia for TV reception. In the process of trying to find out why, all test devices I wanted to use for fault finding had flat batteries, and you guessed it all spares are at home, and other pieces I wanted are at home. I did intend leaving all those at home because I did not intend doing any repair works at all while away this trip. Oh well, our main reason for making this trip was to visit Tony and Brenda, and we will do that tomorrow.


Wednesday 2nd September 2015, Caboolture.

Another month has passed as we are still settling in at the new house here. We have now settled in as much as we are going to, including Linda starting to plant her garden. Otherwise we have just been doing the usual things, except that I have had a procedure done on one of my big toes to partially remove a toe nail, something I should have had done many many years ago. It has almost healed now, after I overdid it last week and caused a little infection, so hopefully from now on I won’t have any trouble with that toe, then there is another one to think about somewhere in the near future.

The caravan is now rearranged for short trip travelling instead of living in, and the breaks have been repaired, so we are now ready for a trip of a different kind, short and temporary, which will happen in the next week or so. I am at present helping Adrian of K&A do some building work creating a cover for his caravan and annexe, so when this is complete we can head off. We are only planning a short trip for a couple of days as a test trip only, to test the different conditions the van and car will be in with the shedding of a lot of weight from each. This will then dictate when we will head off for something longer. I am planning on going to Bundaberg sometime in the near future to visit some old friend we haven’t seen for some time, and this will also give the new van arrangement another test.