Tuesday 28th July 2015, Caboolture.

Linda is back from Melbourne, much to her delight, too cold in Melbourne. We, or I, have had the heater going on occasions here for about two weeks in the middle of July and there so far has been no hint that we will need it on again. We are now very settled in and enjoying the space and comfort tremendously, well not quite so much with Linda with her month’s absence but it won’t be long. I have finally got the front yard sorted out and it only took me one day to complete all I now intend to do.

We have nearly fully furnished the house, without some things we are trying to convince ourselves whether we really need or not. So it is now get used to the different life style and find things to occupy our time that was automatically taken care of when caravanning with there being others always around. I will soon have to re-place the caravan in the driveway to do some maintenance, fix the brakes, before we decide to go touring again. It will need to be in the driveway on the concrete so I can climb underneath with a lot more comfort and safety.