Grafton, The bridge.

Friday 8th May 2015, Grafton.

We went on another tour yesterday along the western side of the Clarence river to Lawrence and traversed the river on a ferry, then went further north to Maclean. After having a look around there, and having some lunch, we went to Yamba. We have been to these towns before but we wanted to see if there had been much of a change since 2004 when we were last there. Linda was surprised to find that she didn’t recognise Yamba at all, even though I did, but I have been there twice, once when Linda had flown back to Tassie and left me to travel back on my own.

The bridge. This is the bridge across the river at Grafton. The bottom section is the rail bridge and the traffic travels in the top section.

150506_Bridge 009D  Enlarge.

This is the lifting section of the bridge. Pedestrian crossing is on the bottom level.

150506_Bridge 064B  Enlarge.